Champions Riverside Resort Events

SUNDAY JULY 21, 2024 – 9A TO 6P

The Gilbert Brown Foundation is sponsoring a football camp for all kids ages 6 to 18. Kids will learn how to make team contributions, how to give 100% and understand what it takes to be a team player. They’ll learn to understand how important your actions and attitudes are in football and life in general. Learn the life lessons Gilbert Brown discovered early, that motivated him to be his best, on and off the field.

Participants will take part in drills, learn sportsmanship, and basic football skills. They will hear a motivational story from Green Bay Legends. This football focused presentation will talk about the characteristics needed to develop a positive mental attitude. Learn how to create a winning mindset and how valuable teamwork is to your organization.

includes lunch and snacks – if your child has dietary needs/allergies, please send their own lunch as we are limited to what we can provide. Family is invited to watch the “Super Bowl” following the camp at 5pm!

At least one parent/guardian needs to remain ON SITE at all times during the camp. The camp itself is held at the entrance of Champions, so parents/guardians are allowed to bring a chair to sit and watch the camp, or be at the Bar & Grill, or can purchase a day pass to enjoy the campground/amenities (swim pond, pool, playground, inflatables/bounce houses, etc.)