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Channel your inner pirate and set sail in Legends Lagoon! Teams of 3 compete head-to-head to sink the opponent’s canoe, by throwing water at them using buckets. RSVP at check in to participate! Get dressed up in your very best for the Royal Ball! There will be tea, snacks, and dancing. Princes are welcome too! Want to test your explorer skills? Come to the beach for a treasure hunt to find the buried gold!

PLUS! Channel your inner-Swiftie and join us Saturday night for live music from Blank Space: The Taylor Swift Tribute Band!

Los Angeles’ very own Taylor Swift tribute band, where the magic of Taylor comes to life in a dazzling explosion of music and energy! Hailing from the heart of the entertainment capital, Blank Space is more than just a tribute – it’s a journey into the incredible world of Taylor Swift’s chart-topping hits and unforgettable melodies. Led by the charismatic Olivia Mojica, who embodies Taylor’s spirit with every note!

Prepare to be transported into the realms of love, heartbreak, and everything in between as Blank Space flawlessly recreates Taylor’s iconic performances. From the early country twang to the pop anthems that took the world by storm, this band captures the essence of Taylor Swift’s diverse musical evolution.

Blank Space doesn’t just perform, they create an immersive experience that leaves audiences dancing, singing, and feeling the emotion of Taylor’s music. It’s not just a concert; it’s a celebration of the unforgettable stories that Taylor has shared with the world.

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