Looking for a way to stay connected during your camping vacation at Champions? Look no further; campersAPP is here! This free app is a great tool for all of our campers at Champions Riverside Resort! It gives you updates on weather, news, activities, and more.

If you are not smartphone savvy, follow these step by step instructions for downloading camersAPP and logging in to Champions Riverside Resort:

Downloading CampersAPP
You can download campersAPP onto your smartphone from Google Play or the iOS App Store. Search “campersAPP” (no spaces) and look for this symbol:

Now that you’ve downloaded campersAPP, it’s time to log in.

This should be what your screen looks like when you open the app for the first time. Click on the person symbol in the lower left corner.

In the “campground login” box, type “Champions”
It should be one word, no spaces. Capitalization doesn’t matter.

Then click “Log In”

CampersAPP Features for Campers

Now that you are logged in, your main screen should look like this:

From this screen, you can access the weather screen, a flashlight, a compass, or the menu of extra features. If you click the middle menu button, you can see the following features:

Feel free to explore this screen and learn more about Champions. The activities screen is updated each week with the latest events and activities going on at Champions Riverside Resort!


If you would like to receive activity notifications and alerts when some is happening at Champions, follow these steps:

Click on the person symbol in the lower left-hand corner.

Click on the “Settings” button, then you can see notification settings.

By activating the “Activity Reminders,” you will get a notification 15 minutes before activities start. Activating “Game Notifications” means that you will get an alert when someone starts a game on campersAPP such as basketball and gaga ball.

You can always turn off notifications when you aren’t at Champions, just don’t forget to turn them back on when you are back at Champions Riverside Resort!