Gravedigger Burger

The Gravedigger Burger Challenge



We bet you can’t eat one. Our Gravedigger Burger is named for Gilbert Brown, THE Gravedigger. He is a big guy. This is a big burger. Three pounds of ground beef, chosen specifically by Mr. Brown, on a 12″ bun plus toppings, this would be a challenge to anyone’s burger appetite. The actual ingredients are a secret. They are Gilbert’s Special Recipe. The Devil Burger is our spicy version and the Angel Burger is the nice version. The Gravedigger comes with a Gilbert size helping of waffle fries. If you can eat it all, burger AND fries, in less than half an hour with no help from anyone else, you will receive a commemorative t-shirt signed by Gilbert himself and have your picture hung on our Wall of Fame. If you try but can’t quite finish, we are afraid your picture will be put on our Wall of Shame. The Gravedigger Burger is available during all regular kitchen hours. You don’t need to wait for Gilbert to drop in. But he might. Profits from this burger will go to The Bow Tie Project, a fund for men’s breast cancer research.